Air Duct Cleaning Services

An Air Duct’s function is to carry both cold and warm air to rooms around your house hence a dirty air duct won’t be able to properly perform it’s function. Our air duct cleaning services make sure that the air getting blown around the rooms in your house is clean and fresh. Attic Pros is your number one go to company for all your air duct cleaning . The following are signs that your house needs air duct cleaning.

Under normal conditions your air duct shouldn’t have mold in them, therefore any presence of mold in your air duct should be a warning sign that they need to get cleaned immediately. Mold can mean that you have a moisture problem in your air duct.Apart from justing having a clean duct, mold can cause a lot of breathing and health problems hence the need to call a professional duct cleaner right away.

Rodent Infestation

A Rodent infested air duct will exhibit certain signs such sounds of rodent movements, nests, droppings or shells. It’s a good idea to get it cleaned right after you notice any signs of rodent infestation because they will quickly multiply and double the debris in the air duct or even get to the extent of chewing through the air ducts which might cause air leakages.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is very serious and need immediate attention whenever it is suspected. Most houses with a fuel burning stove or furnace are at a much higher risk or Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Debri and Dirt

The most obvious signs of an air duct that needs to be cleaned right away is the presence of debri or dirt in the air duct. Without even looking into the air duct to check for any dirt, you might notice dust being blown out of the air duct or by simply having dusty rooms. This will cause a number of respiratory problems for people living in the house hence the need to call Attic Pros to clean it out.