Kids love to watch squirrels frolic and play in the yard, but as a homeowner the last thing you want to see coming out of your attic space is one of these cute little animals. They can cause large amounts of damage in your attic, and they pose a health risk as well as the potential damage to your house – this includes insulation, wiring and more.

If you have squirrels in your attic, there will be nests, a growing amount of feces and sooner or later dead animals. As soon as you realize there are squirrels in your attic, call AtticPros. We don’t just get rid of the squirrels – we have a tried and true squirrel control process to make sure you will never have to worry about these pesky animals, or any other type of rodent for that matter, again.

The first step of the process is, of course, squirrel removal. Once the animals are out of the attic, we will clean the space, making sure all the foreign nesting material, feces and any dead squirrels are removed. Then the attic will be decontaminated, and the squirrel proofing will be done. These steps will lead to complete squirrel control.

At AtticPros, We have a lot of experience with squirrel proofing and squirrel control. This includes any mold treatments as well. Your complete satisfaction is always our highest goal, and the squirrel proofing and squirrel control will be done in a professional, timely manner.

After the removal, cleanup and decontamination has been accomplished, we will make sure that squirrel control is not a problem by squirrel proofing your attic space. This will be done so that proper ventilation is maintained in the attic space; without proper ventilation mold and mildew can be a problem, which poses a different health threat. The squirrel proofing will work against all other rodents too, so you will never have to worry about squirrel in attic removal again.

The cleanup process often involves removing some or all of the old insulation, but Attic Pros provides a comprehensive insulation solution which uses blown cellulose insulation and the application of a radiant heat barrier. Our squirrel proofing and insulation services are completely guaranteed.

When we write you an estimate for your squirrel removal and squirrel proofing we can also estimate how much it will cost to reinsulate your attic, and all estimates are written in plain, easy to understand terms that will spell out exactly what we will do, and the schedule with which it will be done. You will never have to worry about squirrel control again.

Our goal is to provide top rate service at an affordable price; we have helped thousands of homeowners with their squirrel control and insulation problems. New cellulose insulation is more effective than fiberglass, and your house will stay cooler than ever in the summer with the use of the radiant heat shield that is installed on top of the insulation. For a full attic solution to your squirrel proofing and rodent problem to a turnkey re-insulation job, come to the pros – AtticPros.