One of the worst things about a rodent or animal infestation in your attic or crawlspace is what happens when some of the animals die. If the animals are using your house as a den, this will occur and it can fill your house with the stench of dead animals for weeks unless properly taken care of.

At AtticPros, we have the training and equipment to properly dispose of the animal infestation. This includes dead animal removal and a thorough rodent proofing of your attic. After these first steps are completed, we will go to work on the dead animal odor removal. This will also include a general cleaning and decontamination of your attic.

If you have ever experienced this you know there is nothing funny about this. Not only does the smell disrupt your household, but the presence of animal corpses anywhere in your house can be a potential health risk. At the first sign of the smell of decomposing animal corpses, call us for a complete animal removal and dead animal removal service.

During the course of this, it may be necessary to remove some or all of the current insulation – this will be part of the dead animal smell removal, and will depend on the size of the animal infestation in your home, and how long it has been going on before you became aware of it. Many people are not aware an infestation has occurred until they realize there is something happening because of the smell of dead animals. For a completely professional dead animal odor removal service, call us now – AtticPros.

A big part of the animal removal process and the subsequent dead animal smell removal is making sure that animals are denied access to your attic and crawlspace areas again – we are fully trained and have a lot of experience in denying wildlife the ability to re-enter your attic area.

After the animal removal is complete and the rodent proofing is done, we can give you an estimate on replacing the insulation. As mentioned above, during the course of the dead animal smell removal many times the old insulation will have to be partially or fully removed. We can replace that old and probably inadequate insulation with a new treatment of blown cellulose insulation. Blown cellulose has been proven to be much more effective than fiberglass insulation, especially during the winter months when fiberglass actually loses up to 40% of its R-value.

At AtticPros we are thoroughly trained, licensed and insured. All our work is guaranteed, and we take pride in supplying a superior job at a reasonable, affordable price. A new thermal heat shield on top of your blown cellulose insulation not only slows the summer heat from warming your house, it actually reflects the heat away from your living areas. This makes it much easier to cool your house.

For dead animal removal and dead animal odor removal, call us today – and while we complete your dead animal smell removal, we can re-insulate your house with blown cellulose insulation and a thermal heat shield. This will greatly improve your house’s ability to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and you will never have to worry about animal removal or dead animal smell removal again.