crawl space cleaning

A house is closer to a living thing than perhaps any machine we have made; it has a long life span if we take care of it, and some of the most important parts of the house are the parts that you can’t see and might spend years not looking at or going into. Chances are your house has never had a crawl space cleaning.

The crawl space is one of those parts that most people never think of until something goes wrong, but that is a mistake that as you get older you realize is just that – a mistake. Paying special attention to your crawl spaces does help your house to run as efficiently as possible, and to make it last as long as possible. A thorough crawl space cleaning and inspection can reveal any hidden problems, and AtticPros has a whole host of services which will ensure that your crawl space does not cause unseen problems to become major headaches. The first step is a thorough crawl space cleanup.

As part of our comprehensive crawl space cleanup services, we will do a thorough inspection; we also offer crawl space waterproofing and crawl space insulation. As part of our crawl space cleanup we will thoroughly inspect your old insulation. Many houses and commercial buildings never have proper insulation installed in the first place – builders know that most people will never inspect these areas until something goes wrong, and that usually will not happen until years have passed.

Good, efficient crawl space insulation can save large amounts of money, and especially if you are buying a used structure, which most people do whether for business or for a home, the current insulation is probably either nonexistent or not adequate to the task. We can quickly install efficient crawl space insulation which will make your house a more efficient place to heat and cool; modern crawl space insulation can save serious money, especially with the rising energy costs which we are experiencing in the modern world.

Another big concern after your crawl space cleaning is completed is the matter of crawl space waterproofing. If there are water pipes, or if your crawl space is above the living area and may be exposed to leaks from the ceiling, crawl space waterproofing can not only give you piece of mind but can save thousands of dollars in repair costs if a leak in the pipes or the roof ever does develop.

As our licensed, insured professionals complete your crawl space cleanup they can assess the area and give you their recommendation for the need for crawl space cleaning and crawl space insulation; this may also enable you to get cheaper insurance rates or qualify for energy efficient bonuses from your power company or city or state.

Our crawl space cleaning, like all our services, is guaranteed and is done in a thoroughly professional manner. All steps will be outlined in our estimate, and our affordable crawl space cleanup, crawl space waterproofing and crawl space insulation services are affordable and designed to give you peace of mind and ensure that your house will last as long as possible, and be as efficient at saving you money as possible. Call today for a crawl space evaluation!