When you buy a new house chances are it is not actually ‘new’. The average age of a house in America is 34 years old, and the number of new houses sold is dwarfed by that of houses which were built some time ago. One area that many people never even look at is the attic, but many times if you did you would be surprised at the state of this very important part of your house.

If you have just moved into a ‘new’ house, for truly professional attic cleaning services call AtticPros – we specialize in debris cleanup and attic cleaning, and can thoroughly check for any rodent infestation and to make sure your current insulation is up to snuff.

It is no surprise that most attics in the US today are under insulated – in fact, many new houses do not have sufficient attic insulation, and the first step to making sure your attic insulation is doing a proper job is to perform an attic cleanup. Our attic cleaning experts are fully licensed and insured, and are experts at attic cleaning services as well as looking for any other problems which may be hidden by your roof.

After the attic cleanup and debris cleanup we can give you a clear cut estimate on removing the old insulation and installing new insulation. Especially if you are in an older house, if the roof has ever leaked prior to you moving into it that leakage could have caused major damage to you old insulation, and a thorough attic cleaning will let you know about such problems.

After the attic cleaning is completed and the attic is checked for proper ventilation and any possible rodent infestation we can put down new blown cellulose insulation. This insulation is much more efficient than fiberglass insulation, especially in the winter months. This is not well known, but cold weather decreases the efficiency of fiberglass insulation by as much as 40%.

AtticPros can also install what is known as a radiant heat shield. This goes over the cellulose insulation after the attic cleaning services and debris cleanup have been completed, and it serves to actually reflect the summer heat away from the living areas of your house. Normal insulation slows the movement of heat or cold into your house, and cellulose is very good at this, but a radiant heat shield is much more efficient in helping keep your house cool because of its reflective nature.


How we can help?

When you need attic cleaning services or debris cleanup, AtticPros has the professional experience and work ethic to make sure the job is done right. We are fully licensed and insured, and all out attic cleanup services, as well as everything else we do, is guaranteed. Our main goal is that you are satisfied at the end of the process. When it comes to attic cleaning, debris cleanup, rodent proofing and insulation there is no one better you can call.

We have performed attic cleaning and insulation services on thousands of homes, and have thousands of satisfied customers – call us today for a truly professional attic cleaning and debris cleanup. Our services are affordable, and our insulation can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your home ownership.