Attic Pros has been providing industry leading attic cleaning and insulation removal services to both residential, as well as commercial buildings for many years. Do you have a home or office that is contaminated with rodents, leaving you looking for a professional and experienced company to help you to deal with this issue. Many rodents will make their nests in the attic of homes and commercial buildings, which can cause serious health concerns for the residents when their droppings are left unattended. When finished, your attic will be left rodent free, and decontamine any areas of the attic where the rodents had been throughout their unwanted stay. AtticPros offers a number of benefits to those that choose them over competing companies, including:

Licensed and Insured

When AtticPros is hired for rodent removal in your attack, they approach each task in a highly professional manner, with a goal to quickly take care of your rodent problems and ensure that your home is left clean and safe.


AtticPros offers competitive pricing in all of the services that they provide. From rodent removal, to insulation materials after the attic has been cleaned, they offer a wide range of services for your home for an affordable price at a high quality.


AtticPro’s takes the satisfaction of each client on every job seriously. The warranty they provide covers you in the event that an unforeseen circumstance causes you grief as a result of their service.


AtticPro’s knows that quality is what separates average companies from great companies. The ENERGY STAR certified attic insulation allows you to lower energy costs, and have a more comfortable home overall.

AtticPro’s is the leading rodent removal and attic cleaning company. Their affordable service, and high quality work separates them from the competition and ensures that they are able to provide the best possible service to each and every customer.