• Attic Cleaning

    Attic Cleaning

    Scared to go into your attic? Let our professionals help you out!

  • Rodent Cleanup and Proofing

    Rodent Cleanup and Proofing

    Let us rid your house of rodents and prevent them from coming back.

  • Insulation Removal

    Insulation Removal

    Save yourself the trouble of cleaning up itchy fiber glass, let us take care of the mess!

  • Attic Decontamination

    Attic Decontamination

    Our professionals are trained to clean, sterilize, and rid your attic of any hazards.

  • Crawl Space Cleaning

    Crawl Space Cleaning

    Not sure how to clean all the nooks and crannies? Our professionals have all the tools you need.

  • Dead Animal Removal

    Dead Animal Removal

    Dead animals are both a mess and health hazard; therefore, our professionals are equipped and trained to properly clean and dispose of them.

  • Rats in Attic Removal

    Rats in Attic Removal

    Rats carry a number of diseases – don’t let them nest in your home.

  • Squirrel in Attic Removal

    Squirrel in Attic Removal

    At Atticpros we trap and remove all unwanted rodents, including squirrels.