What You Should Look for In a Rodent Control Company

Are you suffering from an attic rodent problem? Don’t panic but don’t ignore it either as it poses risk to your family’s health. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that rats and mice are responsible for more than 35 diseases worldwide and these can be spread by handling of rodents or by contact with urine, feces, saliva, and others.

Though you think you can address this concern on your own, some situations call for professional help. So if you are thinking about looking for a provider for rodent removal, how can you be certain that the company which offers rodent control is deserving of your trust? Consider these tips below:

Insurance, Bonds, License, Guarantees, and Affiliations

Is the company providing rodent removal services insured and bonded? This is the first thing you should check to ensure the protection of your home and for your defense against any liability in case of accident. More importantly, get the services of an organization that carries license. Know also if it offers guarantee and in what situations you can possibly use it.

Why check for affiliations? A firm that is a member of one or more professional associations is, unquestionably, updated with information about safety, research, rodent control methods, and guidelines.


Can you trust the firm? This is something you cannot easily determine so make an effort to conduct an initial assessment. Check the website. Does it post high-quality content and offer essential information for clients?

Call the organization that offers rodent removal. Evaluate how the customer service staff answers your inquiries. The rodent control company that values integrity also knows the importance of making their people well-equipped with knowledge necessary to their services – including the staff.

Another way to find the one you can hire is to ask for referrals from friends, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances. They will surely recommend you to the company that they have worked with. You may also check for good reviews online and on the Better Business Bureau.

Clear Explanation of Services

Dealing with attic rodent problem is not something you know very well; hence, you are getting the services of a rodent control company. You have several questions on your mind that you need to discuss with the provider so you have to do business with the one who should be able to explain to you the problem and how their service plans to control it, chemicals that will be used, potential health effects, and others. The firm should also be willing to discuss things you should do to prevent or at least minimize the re-occurrence of the issue.

As a homeowner, it is your obligation to your home and family to make your attic free from rodents. It should also be your duty to make sure that the firm you hire will solve the attic rodent problem efficiently. You should not merely rely on promises read through the websites of potential service providers. You should be wise enough to do research.