Chances are you don’t think about air ducts that much, but you do need to pay attention to them as much as you do other parts of your home. Air ducts get neglected and go without maintenance because they are not obtrusive hence they develop problems and gradually begin to malfunction. In order to have a properly functioning air duct, you need to have it maintained or even replaced on a regular basis. Call Attic Cleaning Services to find out about our comprehensive air duct replacement and air duct replacement


When Are Repairs and Replacements Needed ?

Contrary to what the majority of people might believe, air ducts can be fragile even though they might not look like it. Problems can stem from installation mistakes such as gaps between sections which can lead to heat loss. Wear and tear is also the biggest contributor to air duct damage because of the neglect and lack of maintenance. Some of the signs you can look for before calling an air duct specialist include:

High bills

If your electric bills suddenly become higher than usual, it’s usually because air being moved through the duct is being lost through leaks.

Loud whistling

It’s normal for air ducts to produce a little bit of sound, but once it becomes bothersome then the air might be escaping the air duct which might be causing the sound.

Bad and Reduced air quality

Air quality issues such as dusty air, odors, humidity issues or dirt in your house is a clear indication that something is wrong with you air duct.

Why Hire Us

At Attic Cleaning Services, we bring years of experience in the repair and replacement of air ducts. Ductwork should never be done by inexperienced homeowners as it might just worsen the problems. Some of the benefits of hiring us include :

Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons why a lot of homeowners tend to seek air duct repair or replacement is because of the unusually big electric bills that come with leaking air ducts. You regain your energy efficiency once we repair or replace your air duct and save yourself from those huge electric bills.

Air Quality

The air quality in your house will significantly improve once Attic Cleaning Services repairs or replaces your air duct. The unpleasant odors and dusty air in your house will be a thing of the past.



We have repaired and replaced numerous air ducts which gives us enough experience to know when to replace or repair an air duct and do it professionally. We seal holes, cracks and seals to prolong the life of  air ducts or we will replace it entirely if it’s badly damaged.