Need Vapor And Radiant Barrier Installation?

Too much heat and vapor in the house is not only uncomfortable to the occupants but it can damage the property if not controlled in a timely manner. Most of the heat that ends up seeping into your house, does so through the roof. One way of reducing the amount of heat that seeps into the house is by installing a radiant barrier. A vapor barrier just like a radiant barrier will prevent overheating in the summer which is caused by the moisture seeping into your house. Attic Pros installs both Vapor and Radiant Barriers.

Radiant Barrier Installation

A radiant barrier is a highly reflective material usually made from aluminum foil.An installation of the radiant barrier for your house can reduce attic temperatures by as much as 35 degrees. A foil insulation reflects a lot of radiant heat that strikes the surface which in turn reduces the transfer of heat to other living spaces. Reduced overheating means less usage of the AC therefore it lowers your utility bills. In order for the radiant barrier to be effective, it needs to be professionally installed by a licensed professional. Radiant Barriers are usually electrical conductors hence the need to be careful when installing them in order to prevent any injuries during the installation process and after.

Vapor Barrier Installation

A roof vapor barrier is a barrier that basically prevents the migration of water vapor. A vapor barriers job is to prevent the migration of vapor and not air hence the need for a professional whenever you want to install vapor barriers to your house. Not correctly installing your vapor barrier will actually cause more water vapor problems. Vapor Barriers should only be installed on one side of the insulation in order to allow for the moisture to escape and not be trapped in case of leaks.

Contact Attic Pros whether you have already decided to install vapor barriers or radiant barriers in order to get professional advice on how best to install Vapor and Radiant barriers without compromising your home.