Rodents and other wildlife create big problems for you when they invade your attic. Jeopardizing health and causing damage to your home, it is crucial to take care of this pressing problem to protect your family and house. Calling professionals in to remove the animals and decontaminate your attic is the practical solution to the problem.

How to Choose an Attic Cleaning San Francisco Company

A checklist of important questions should be used when qualifying attic-cleaning services over the phone. As the top item to cover with any business, ask if they are licensed and bonded. To be sure they aren’t just saying yes to get your business, ask them to have the insurance company email you a copy of proof of insurance with the insurance company’s phone number and contact information. When the info is sent, verify that the information you received is still in force and that the insurance company is legitimate. Unscrupulous companies have been known to pay for a month of insurance simply to get paperwork they can show prospective customers. Asking for references and checking Better Business Bureau (BBB) is also a good idea. Also, be sure to ask about any guarantee they offer, just in case the rodents return.

Rodent Proofing Services

One of the biggest challenges faced by attic cleaning companies that remove rodents is that finding every possible place where the pests can enter into the attic or house can be hard. For this reason, getting rid of these unwanted house guests could take a couple of tries. That is why you need a professional company with extensive experience. If the company does not handle the problem correctly, you could end up with a recurring problem of both the rodents and mold or mildew issue too from messing around around with the insulation.

Attic Insulation Removal

In cases where the infestation has gone on for some time, the insulation may need to be replaced. Finding an attic cleaning company qualified to do both is very important. Many homeowners are thrilled to get new insulation, since newer methods often save money on utility bills.

Act Now for Peace of Mind

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